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Chris DiMarco

Chris DiMarco shares his experience with his backyard basketball court

When professional golfer Chris DiMarco is not on the PGA Tour, there is no place he'd rather be than spending time with his family on his backyard VersaCourt basketball court.

DiMarco is reaping the benefits of his VersaCourt's look and performance. Messy weather? No problem. VersaCourt basketball courts are designed with weather in mind. Safety is also a key component in why VersaCourt tiles are successful. The Goalsetter Basketball Goal gives you options that other basketball goals don't. DiMarco made a good choice. Why not follow his lead?


The Look

The look of a VersaCourt backyard basketball court can vary with personal preferences. Many customers, like DiMarco, find it rewarding to design their own basketball court by choosing their own design and tile color from several choices. DiMarco finished his court personalization with a logo that fit his personal style. VersaCourt's backyard basketball court has a fresh and appealing look that the whole family will love.


The Safety & Performance

All VersaCourt basketball court surfaces are made to enhance performance on the basketball court. Improve your game on a court where you feel comfortable. VersaCourt was designed with orthopedic benefits to help protect your knees, ankles and back to prevent injury. VersaCourt tiles have expansion joints and spring tabbing mechanism between the tiles that allow for slight side-to side movement. DiMarco is thrilled knowing that he and his family can play on their backyard basketball court without worrying about injury.

The Weather

VersaCourt basketball courts are ideal for all types of weather. DiMarco lives in Florida, where an afternoon thunderstorm is common. He likes how quick after a storm the VersaCourt tiles are dry and ready to use. The technology of a VesaCourt tile allows water to flow underneath the surface, so waiting for the basketball court to dry has become a thing of the past. From warm to cool weather, a VersaCourt backyard basketball court can have you playing like a professional in no time.

The Goalsetter Basketball Goal

The Goalsetter Basketball Goal is designed for players of all ages and sizes. Goalsetter basketball goals have features that other basketball goals don't offer. From a heavy-duty flexible rim to a state-of-the-art height adjustment system, a Goalsetter Basketball Goal is a step above the rest. DiMarco enjoys how easily the height can be adjusted to cater to his children and quickly it can be moved back to a professional level. If it's good enough for a professional golfer, it's good enough for you.

Learn more about Chris DiMarco's professional golf career, click here.



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