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Michael D. Ellis Former Division 1 Basketball Player

Our VersaCourt basketball court is great. It looks great and plays like no other outdoor court I've ever played on. It was very easy to install using the pre-assembled sections. I researched and talked with all the other major athletic court merchants and VersaCourt was clearly the best on price, quality and customer service. Most had long delays before you received the product. VersaCourt shipped the same day I placed the order.

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VersaCourt's Kennel Flooring


Our flooring surfaces are not just for basketball courts or tennis courts. Pet owners everywhere are reaping the benefits of VersaCourt's indoor and outdoor kennel flooring. Try this excellent system for giving your pets what they deserve; they'll thank you for it!

Kennel Flooring Tiles

VersaCourt tiles have the most injection points of any flooring tile on the market today. The 16 injection points insure better color consistency and provide for a flatter and better kennel flooring tile.

Cleaning Your Outdoor Kennel Floor

Kennel owners will agree that keeping pet areas clean and well maintained can get demanding. With VersaCourt's kennel flooring, this process is made simple. Our modern indoor and outdoor kennel flooring system is designed for easy cleaning. Most owners of our flooring system just sweep or hose off the area. Our kennel flooring tiles also permit air to flow under the tile, allowing for quick drying after cleaning.

Outdoor Kennel Floor Safety

During the summer months the sun will heat up concrete rapidly, making it uncomfortable for your pets. VersaCourt's outdoor kennel floor makes it safe for you and your pets. Since the air is in constant flow underneath the tiles, the surface temperature is much cooler for your pets than concrete flooring.

Kennel Flooring Guarantee

VersaCourt carries a 15-year limited warranty and a 25-30 year life expectancy. The tiles are completely anti-microbial and will not build up mold like conventional surfaces. Our outdoor kennel floor tiles help hide cracks from the subsurface underneath and allow for many years of use without worry of crack and surface repair.

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