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VersaCourt tile is ideal flooring surface for dog kennels and other pet areas.  The anti-microbial, interlocking tiles provide added comfort, safety and cleanliness while greatly reducing the workload of busy pet care facility operators.

Clean & Comfortable

Because VersaCourt tile allows air, urine and other moisture to move underneath the surface, it keeps your pets dryer and cleaner.  The raised flooring provides a drainage path for waste and flushing allowing solid waste to be easily rinsed off the surface so pets stay dry, clean and healthy.   

Cooler than Concrete

During the summer months, the sun heats up concrete rapidly, making it uncomfortable for your pets. But with VersaCourt tile, the raised flooring design allows air to flow underneath the tiles create a surface  temperature for your pets that is much cooler than concrete flooring.  In fact, VersaCourt is typically up to 50% cooler than asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Drainage Base for Artificial Grass System

VersaCourt tile is also used as the subsurface for XGrass Pet Grass system.  This innovative synthetic turf was developed specifically for the pet industry and features a 100% permeable backing system that allows liquids to drain through at an industry leading rate of over 400 inches per hour.  Combined with the VersaCourt tile, an antimicrobial infill and turf blades that inhibit bacteria growth, it is truly the most advance kennel flooring system on the market.  Learn more about XGrass Pet Grass Kennel Flooring.

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