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Mutli-Game Courts for Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Pickleball, Roller Hockey and more!Outdoor Tennis Court


David Kleinschrodt General Manager Globe Vending Company

VersaCourt helped us transform a bland, seldom used sun deck into a resort quality, family recreation deck @ Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City. Everything from pricing, color selection, logo design, quality of product and delivery timing was as promised. We couldn't be happier with the final results and we look forward to using VersaCourt again on Phase II of the project which includes Basketball and Tennis.

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Outdoor Tennis Court

Commercial Tennis Court Construction, Resurfacing & Repair

Will Extreme Heat And Sun Harm VersaCourt Outdoor Tennis Court Tile?

Outdoor Tennis CourtOutdoor Tennis Court

Our outdoor tennis court tile cannot be harmed by heat or sun. Our residential tennis and commercial tennis court constructions include UV protection. Though all tennis court surfacing naturally lightens, VersaCourt is designed to withstand the harshest environments for home tennis courts. Your tennis court or tennis court resurfacing project will benefit from the long lasting VersaCourt surface with industry leading UV and anti-oxidant protectants.

Our outdoor and indoor tiles:

Whether you need a residential or a commercial court, a VersaCourt will help optimize your game performance, on either a new court or a repaired or resurfaced existing courts.

The shock-absorbing surface and inter-locking tile mechanism give our outdoor tennis court surfacing and indoor tennis court construction its exceptional quality. Both residential and commercial tennis court owners can attest to the exceptional performance of our courts, including customers of repair and resurfacing.

VersaCourt offers 18 colors to choose from for both our outdoor tennis court and indoor tennis court tiles. We can also add a logo to your residential tennis court or commercial tennis court. If your space is limited, we can modify the game lines to fit the area you  have.

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