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Crystal Dahlquist Homewood Suites by Hilton @ the Waterfront

The Homewood Suites by Hilton at the Waterfront installed a VersaCourt and a SofTrak green at our facility to offer our guests an additional outdoor experience on our Lakeside Landing. Guest response has been excellent from both our corporate and leisure guests. Both products are high quality and easy to maintain. The professionalism and quality of work completed by the VersaCourt installation team was outstanding.

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VersaCourt's Patio and Deck Resurfacing

Patio and Deck

Are you tired of water-proofing your wood deck or patio year after year? Take the burden out of deck or patio maintenance with VersaCourt's deck resurfacing options. Our patio and deck resurfacing tiles are designed to give you the look and comfort you deserve while relaxing in your backyard.

Tile Protection for Resurfacing a Patio or Deck

With VersaCourt's tiles, you don't have to worry about the color fading from your patio or deck. Our patio and deck resurfacing tiles are UV protected. This process incorporates UV additives into every tile, insuring protection against the tile fading and providing you with peace of mind.

Maintenance for your Patio or Deck Resurfacing

Your new patio or deck resurfacing requires little maintenance. A leaf blower or broom can be used to remove light debris on your VersaCourt deck or patio. A garden hose or power washer can be used to remove tougher stains caused by normal usage. Stop painting or staining your deck or patio, contact VersaCourt today.

Safety First

Standing on concrete for long periods of time can cause back and body pain. With VersaCourt's tiles, this pain can be reduced. Another safety feature of our tiling is the reduction of injury thanks to the kinetic absorption of our state-of-the-art tiles. This can reduce impact from falls that may could otherwise cause considerable injury.

Color and Tile Options

A lot comes to mind when thinking about resurfacing a patio or deck. VersaCourt gives you options. From choosing the size and color to choosing your design - you can even choose a custom logo - it's all up to you! We offer a variety of different tile colors. Pick the colors of your favorite sports team or pick colors to match your home. Whatever you choose, VersaCourt's patio and deck resurfacing will be a homerun in your neighborhood.

Our Patio and Deck Resurfacing Guarantee

VersaCourt carries a 15-year limited warranty and a 25-30 year life expectancy. The tiles are completely anti-microbial and will not build up mold like most conventional surfaces. Our patio and deck resurfacing tiles help hide cracks from the subsurface below and allow for many years of use without the worry of crack and surface repairs.

For more information about VersaCourt's patio and deck resurfacing, call 800-540-4899.