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Compete Sports and Multipurpose
Patented Surface Surface Profile
Surface Surface relief provides excellent grip Diffuser Stars dampen sound and allow for water evaporation
Resilient Material
Durable and scuff-resistant – perfect for high-traffic applications
Precision Locking System
Creates a a a a a a seamless monolithic appearance
Product Specs
Size & Weight – 9 9 825” 825” x x 9 9 825” 825” x x 1/2” thick 12 1 1 1 oz Surface Texture –Profile texture design to maintain a a a a positive grip at all all times even when damp while enabling volleyball slides and and reducing the visibility of scratch marks and and skid marks Material
– Specially blended high impact copolymer polypropylene creates less rigid fall surface Installation – Optional 2mm rubber underlayment increases shock absorption provides a a a a comfortable feel for for running and jumping while dampening running or rolling noises VersaCourt Compete 2mm Rubber Underlayment (optional)
Concrete Subfloor
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made in USA

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