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Indoor Basketball Courts

VersaCourt indoor tile is used to create gym floors with the same rigid feel as expensive wooden courts. Molded with five injection points, it is the flattest, tightest fitting and most rigid indoor sport tile system on the market.  The superior design and construction of this tile allows our courts to remain flat and eliminates "cupping at the corners" like many other game court tile. 

Because each sport tile locks together so tightly without any gaps or seams, the floor becomes a monolithic surface that resembles one single large sport tile.  This solid construction allows basketballs to bounce the same way at every point of the tile and not die near the suspended ridges.

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Precision Interlocking System

VersaCourt’s precision interlocking system allows facility operators to quickly and securely install our indoor basketball courts over any existing flat surface. Each tile locks together tightly without any gaps or seams, which provides a consistent ball bounce.

Exceptional Playability

VersaCourt offers both a flat indoor court tile and a wood grain tile that simulates the texture of a natural wood court - both provide an excellent surface for competitive or recreational basketball.

Our indoor basketball courts allow for slight side-to-side movement, allowing additional protection for athletes’ joints, knees and lower backs.

Endless Custom Options

VersaCourt offers 17 different indoor court tile color options to choose from, with endless design options including custom game lines, graphics and logos. VersaCourt allows you to create a customized court solution that matches your facility’s aesthetics.

In addition to our indoor basketball court systems, we also offer a wide selection of basketball accessories.

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