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Michael D. Ellis Former Division 1 Basketball Player

Our VersaCourt basketball court is great. It looks great and plays like no other outdoor court I've ever played on. It was very easy to install using the pre-assembled sections. I researched and talked with all the other major athletic court merchants and VersaCourt was clearly the best on price, quality and customer service. Most had long delays before you received the product. VersaCourt shipped the same day I placed the order.

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High Performance Basketball Court Surfaces

VersaCourt is the most innovative basketball court system on the market today. Incorporating the most recent advancements in technology insures a comfortable, safe surface, ideal for residential backyard or professional basketball courts. The ¾" thick, shock-absorbing suspended surface reduces playing fatigue and provides better ball rebound with exceptional game performance.

VersaCourt's super grip surface design delivers unequaled performance in game play, allowing for greater safety when jumping and turning in close proximity.

VersaCourt's patented 6-point locking mechanism and Swiss-designed and manufactured 16-injection point tooling allow us to manufacture the flattest, most uniform game court tiles on the market. This flatness and tight locking mechanism allows for the truest, most responsive ball bounce of any tile available today.

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Our customers rate VersaCourt tops in performance and beauty

Chris DiMarco PGA Tour ProChris DiMarco, PGA Tour Pro

Listen to what Chris DiMarco, PGA Tour Pro, has to say about the VersaCourt Basketball Court

Multi-Directional Flex Technology

Multi-Directional Flex TechnologyVersaCourt was designed with orthopedic benefits in mind to help protect your knees, ankles and back from the stress of playing on traditional hard court surfaces. The expansion joints and spring tabbing mechanism between the tiles allow slight side-to-side movement and forgiveness on joints and the lower back. VersaCourt's design also allows for a slight vertical give, which takes additional pressure off of joints.

"As a physician and sport enthusiast, I appreciate playing on the engineered surface. I have a prior knee injury and have noted less pain and stress to my knees while playing on the surface. I recommend VersaCourt without hesitation."
- William H Holderman, MD, Tacoma, WA

Residential Basketball Court - A Great Backyard Addition!

VersaCourt can be the perfect addition to your backyard, creating an attractive and fun exercise center for the whole family and neighborhood to enjoy. With our wide selection of 17 colors to choose from, you can select a color theme to match your favorite team colors or your existing backyard décor. We can even create custom logos for you. Visit our court designer to explore options for your residential backyard basketball court.

"The VersaCourt system provides a wonderfully functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to our backyard. It has proved to be a kid magnet in our neighborhood."
- Kevin Jarvis

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Top Benefits of our Basketball Surfaces

Professional Dealer Installation or Do-It-Yourself

Whether you are looking for a custom, professionally designed basketball court or a do-it-yourself court kit, we have a highly trained and qualified staff and network of dealers to help you find the perfect solution to your needs. Click here to request the location of your nearest dealer or for more information on our do-it-yourself basketball court kits.

VersaGoal Basketball Goals and Basketball Court Accessories

VersaGoal Basketball Goals and Basketball Court AccessoriesVersaCourt, "The Best Court Surface in Basketball" also has the "Best Goal & Hoop System in Basketball," manufactured exclusively for VersaCourt by the leading goal manufacturer in the United States to provide you with the "The Best Court System in Basketball." Click here to see our selection of VersaGoal basketball goals, fencing and rebounder accessories.

We also offer a full line of accessories for residential backyard basketball courts, commercial basketball courts and basketball gyms. For more accessories information, click here.

Custom Team Colors and Logos

We can customize your VersaCourt basketball court or VersaGoal basketball goal with your favorite college basketball team, NBA basketball team or high school basketball team colors. Our custom team logo service is the best in basketball.

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VersaCourt PRO is also a great surface for tennis courts, pickleball courts, paddle tennis courts, in-line hockey courts and much more. Click here for information on our multi-game courts.