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Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen Explains Why He Installed a VersaCourt Basketball Court

Retired NBA superstar Scottie Pippen installed a VersaCourt basketball court in his own backyard after he spent time researching the best options on the market. Pippen had originally installed a half court system in his backyard, but he chose to install a full court system from VersaCourt as his kids got older.



Outstanding Durability

Pippen chose VersaCourt in large part due to the company's reputation for installing durable surfaces with a long lifespan. All VersaCourt basketball courts include a 15-year warranty and have an expected lifespan of 25-30 years. We take pride in the fact that our customers will have a backyard court that they can enjoy for decades to come.

Easy on the Joints

As a retired basketball player, Pippen enjoys the shock absorbent qualities of the VersaCourt tile. With VersaCourt he no longer has the “after shock” symptoms from playing on traditional hardwood the next day. VersaCourt tiles are specially designed to prevent strain on the joints, allowing for players of all ages to enjoy playing on the court without having to worry about potential injury.


Playability and Performance

A big concern that many customers have is how the ball responds on a modular court system like VersaCourt. Pippen says that the ball bounce on his VersaCourt is as natural as on any hardwood surface that he has played and it helps his children practice their dribbling skills.


Stunning Color and Design

Pippen was extremely impressed with the end result of the VersaCourt installation.

“Aesthetically it’s a wonderful masterpiece in my backyard,” said Pippen. “From the moment I began designing the basketball court, to the colors, the shaping [of the court], they’ve just been first-class all the way through to the finish. With the quality of the work, we couldn’t be any happier.”

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