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David Kleinschrodt General Manager Globe Vending Company

VersaCourt helped us transform a bland, seldom used sun deck into a resort quality, family recreation deck @ Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City. Everything from pricing, color selection, logo design, quality of product and delivery timing was as promised. We couldn't be happier with the final results and we look forward to using VersaCourt again on Phase II of the project which includes Basketball and Tennis.

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VersaCourt Outdoor Shuffleboard Courts

The Ultimate Shuffleboard Surface

Benefits of a VersaCourt Shuffleboard Court

VersaCourt All-weather Shuffleboard Courts are perfect shuffleboard surfaces for

Because of their beauty, ease of installation, low maintenance and affordable cost, VersaCourt shuffleboard courts are fueling a rapid growth in popularity of this fun game that people of all ages can compete evenly.

VersaCourt carries a large selection of Shuffleboard Court Accessories including:

Outdoor Shuffleboard History

Shuffleboard can be tracked back over 500 years. Its actual origin is an issue of dispute. What is not disputed is its great popularity for all ages. It is an ideal sport because the low physical fitness requirements allow all ages to compete evenly. VersaCourt athletic surfacing is the ultimate shuffleboard court surfacing. Our tile design allows the puck to glide perfectly for superior play.

Shuffleboard Court & Equipment Specifications

Standard Outdoor Shuffleboard Court Dimensions

The scoring area of a standard shuffleboard court is 39' long x 6' wide. The overall dimension of a standard court including out of bounds and shooting area is normally 10' x 52', however courts can be reduced in size because of space restrictions. Each end of the court has a scoring triangle with play alternating in direction after each frame. The triangle points toward the shooter, and the zone is divided horizontally into four numbered sub-zones, the numbers representing point values. If the disk lands completely within the small triangular tip zone without touching any part of the borders of the triangle, it is worth ten points; completely within the trapezoidal second tier of the triangle, it is worth eight points; and completely within the trapezoidal third tier of the triangle, seven points. If the disk lands in the large, rearmost and also trapezoidal '10 Off' section, it costs minus ten points.

Shuffleboard Disc Specifications

Discs should have a thickness of 9/16" - 1", diameter of 6", and not less than 11½ oz in weight. Four discs shall be one color and four disks another. These eight discs comprise a set. The stick used to propel the disks is called a cue and shall not have overall length of more than 6'3".

Shuffleboard Court Rules

Shuffleboard is played by pushing discs along a flat surface using a stick with a convex end. Shuffleboard is commonly played on ship decks, hotels, parks, schools and any other area that has a flat surface that can support a shuffleboard court. It can be played by two individuals, or by teams of two players each.

Scoring Area Dimensions

The scoring area of shuffleboard court is 39' long x 6' wide. The middle 12' of the court is called the "dead area" and no points can be scored there.

Beginning Play

Players typically select who starts by a coin toss. Players alternate shots. Each shuffleboard disc must be played with a cue and the disc sliding motion should start from the 10-off area. Any disc that does not reach the far dead line is immediately removed from play. If a disc tips off the court, it is also removed from play. Players will attempt to slide their discs into positive scoring areas on the scoring triangle and to knock opponents into the negative scoring area -10 (10 Off area).

Positive Scoring

There are two scoring areas, one on each side of the shuffleboard court. They each have one box worth 10 points, two boxes worth eight points, and two boxes worth seven points.

Negative Scoring Area

The 3' on each side of the shuffleboard court past the seven point area, is an area where the player loses 10 points if any of his shuffleboard disc end up there at the end of his turn.

Boundary Lines

If a disc is touching any of the lines on the shuffleboard court after each player has played all four of his disc, that puck scores zero points. It scores the points for the scoring area if it is within the lines without touching them.


Each player plays four discs on his turn, alternating turns with the other player. After all eight discs are played, the round is scored.


Scoring is updated at the end of each round. Games are played to 50, 75 or 100 points as agreed upon by the players.