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Why VersaCourt

The VersaCourt Difference

Whether you are a homeowner looking for a backyard basketball court or a school facilities manager requiring a more kid-friendly surface, VersaCourt employs an innovative, centralized design and construction process that improves quality, lowers cost and streamlines installation.

Key Features of The VersaCourt DIY Difference

In-House Design

Homeowner Court

Unlike many construction projects, building a backyard basketball court, installing a shuffleboard court or resurfacing a tennis court do not typically require an on-site evaluation. When you work with VersaCourt, you will work with our in-house designers that create hundreds of court designs each year.

In-House Construction

Homeowner Court

Every VersaCourt game court is fully assembled in our warehouse and all requested lines and logos are pre-painted by our team of professionals in a controlled environment to ensure accuracy and longevity. We then number each section, disassemble the court, and pack the tiles according to a numbered diagram.

Streamlined Installation

Homeowner Court

Courts arrive on carefully packaged pallets in 4 x 4 sections that are numbered according to your custom diagram. This enclosed diagram shows each numbered section and the order in which it should be installed. Once laid out, the tile can be clicked together easily and securely due to the patented 6-point locking system.

Customers Come First Philosophy

The secret to a long-lasting court lies in expert design, service, and installation. We promise to deliver everything needed before, during, and after installation to keep your court performing for years to come.

Made in the USA

We are proud that all of our surfacing options are made right here in the USA.

Design Your Own Court

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