Anti-Theft Court Protection

When security matters, VersaCourt offers multiple proprietary options to protect your VersaCourt Game Tile system. Court Lock provides a theft-deterrent solution for your court system that is easy to install and secures your system in place.

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Why Protect Your Court

With opportunistic theft on the rise, securing property that is accessible to the public is more necessary than ever. Court Lock is an affordable and simple way to secure your outdoor Game tile court without having to install a costly, permanent solution that may damage your tile or surrounding area. With holding power like this, Court Lock will make random acts of theft near impossible.


Single sample court tile in yellow


Court Lock

Court Lock is an anti-theft mechanism that locks your court tiles together to deter theft of the court. This system is easily installed, requires no additional tools for installation, budget friendly, and provides a camouflaged design that is hidden from view.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily Secured
    Court Lock might seem small but is extremely effective at locking tiles together.
  • Tool-Free Installation
    The saying ‘You won’t have to lift a finger’ might not be true but that’s all you’ll need – One Finger. Simply push the Court Lock chip into the locking tab of your Game tile and your court is secure.
  • Budget Friendly
    Practical but powerful, this low-cost option is easy on the budget and tough on security.
  • Camouflaged Design
    Once installed the patent pending design is completely hidden from view, no unsightly or unattractive border panels needed.

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