Pickleball Performance Tile

Skillfully Engineered for a Better Bounce

Pickleball Performance by VersaCourt has been designed to ensure high-performing ball bounce. Our innovative tile design, unique six-point locking system and special blend of materials deliver a seamless and comfortable playing surface. Up your practice, play and performance when you bring the fun home to your family and community with this game-changing modular pickleball tile.


  • High-Performing Ball Bounce
  • Comfortable and Safe
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Attractive Appearance
Versacourt Pickleball Performance Tile - stack of sample tiles

Pickleball Performance In Action

When compared to professional acrylic courts, our modular pickleball court tile system is a suitable alternative that will heighten your facilities practice. Due to the naturally quick pace of play on our Pickleball Performance courts, you will be conditioned for the perfect paced dink when game time arrives.

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  • High-Performing Bounce
    Designed with a special blend of materials for true ball bounce.
  • Superior Comfort & Safety
    Easy on the body and joints.
  • Customizable Options
    Customize your court with your favorite colors, logos and other sport tiles.
  • Lifetime Warranty
    Play often and know that you are covered by the VersaCourt Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Pickleball Performance Tile in Light Blue


Our modular court systems intentionally encourage a seamless multi-sport court. For this reason, our Pickleball Performance tile has an inherited design from the iconic outdoor game tile. The addition of a special blend of materials to our Pickleball Performance tile differentiates it from other tile systems to deliver a true bounce with each dink.

By leveraging real customer feedback we crafted this recreational tile with real players in mind. While not intended for professional use, this unique blend is durable, comfortable and offers a regulation compliant bounce. See for yourself when you compare the bounce of our Pickleball Performance tile to a 100% polypropylene tile.

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"It looks fantastic. That court [our community court] has a little age, got a few cracks and dead spots. So, if the ball hits that, then you’re out of luck. This court[Pickleball Performance Court by VersaCourt] is uniform, it’s got a good bounce, and it’s really pretty."

Hilliard J., Pickleball Patron

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"It feels really nice underfoot, nothing much to get used too. I want one in my backyard!"

Peggy R., Pickleball Patron

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"If you don't want to spend tens of thousands of dollars for professional court performance, get similar backyard performance and go with VersaCourt."

Jennifer S., Pickleball Patron

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Pickleball Performance tile courts are backed by our lifetime warranty, ensuring that VersaCourt customers will be provided with court systems that they will be able to enjoy for decades to come.

Customizable Logos

Customizable Options

VersaCourt systems can be configured using a wide selection of color options, as well as customizable game line, logos, and graphic. Custom color options are also available upon request.

Long Lasting

Long Lasting

VersaCourt Tiles are constructed utilizing a durable polypropylene material that is resistant to crack and fractures. VersaCourt Tiles have a 25-30 structural life expectancy.

Use Pickleball Performance Tile for Other Racquet Sports

As an increasingly popular sport in the USA, we've ensured Pickleball Performance by VersaCourt can also be used for other racquet sports so you can get more out of your VersaCourt game court system. Design your own multi-sport game court that includes pickleball and more! Work with a VersaCourt Team Member today to get started or visit our free online tool designer tool to create your VersaCourt. 

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Color Options

With a wide selection of colors to choose from, the design possibilities are endless. Court tiles, ramps and corner pieces are available in each of the colors below. Custom painted lines and graphics are also available to give your court its own unique aesthetic.

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Emerald Green

Slate Green

Olive Green

Navy Blue

Royal Blue

Light Blue

Bright Red




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Custom colors available upon request. Colors may vary based on screen resolution and display settings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about the size of pickleball court, what sub-surface is the best for a VersaCourt, or the typical cost of pickleball court? Browse our FAQ section to get more details about commonly asked pickleball court questions. 

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Blue Pickleball Performance Tile Court