POP Tennis Courts

POP Tennis is a scaled-down version of traditional tennis that is played with smaller courts, solid racquets, and lower compression tennis balls. POP Tennis, also known as paddle tennis, has been played internationally since the late 1800s. With indoor and outdoor court options available, design and build your own POP Tennis court with VersaCourt.

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Benefits of VersaCourt Tile

  • Low Maintenance
    VersaCourt tennis courts are engineered to be fracture-resistant and can be easily cleaned with a broom, hose or leaf blower.  If a tile is damaged, it can be easily replaced.
  • Backed by Warranty
    Offering limited and lifetime warranties for VersaCourt systems
  • Superior Grip
    Unique surface profile offers superior grip and traction
  • Up to 50% Cooler
    Tile surface stays up to 50% cooler than concrete or asphalt
  • Unmatched Durability
    Will stand up to aggressive play and harsh weather conditions
  • Wide Selection of Tile Colors
    Tile is available in a wide variety of color options
  • Completely Customizable
    Can be outfitted with other lines and accessories to be converted to a multi-sport game court
  • Suspended Surface
    The slight vertical flex and side-to-side movement of the court tile provides forgiveness for players’ knees, joints and lower backs, reducing the chance of injury during competitive play.

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Single sample court tile in yellow

POP Tennis Court Dimensions

POP tennis courts are featured in three court sizes shown below. Singles, doubles, and POP Classic which are the dimensions for paddle tennis. Work with a VersaCourt design expert to customize your court to fit your space or add other game lines, logos, or artwork on your VersaCourt game court.

Singles Court Doubles Court POP Classic

60ft x 21ft

60ft x 27ft

50ft x 20ft

Design Options

versacourt interactive court designer

Design Your Own Dream Court

With our interactive court designer, you can create the tennis court of your dreams. Mix and match colors, add game lines and accessorize.

pre-designed diy court kits

Pre-Designed VersaCourt DIY Kits

Access specifications, layouts and base dimensions for VersaCourt’s junior-sized and regulation tennis courts.

professional design assistance for customized courts

Professional Design Assistance

You can work with our in-house designers to not only create your court, but integrate it into your space.


Tennis Court Accessories

tennis net

Net Systems

custom logo for your tennis court

Custom Designs & Logos

exterior lighting for tennis courts

Court Lighting

tennis ball rebounders

Ball Rebounders