Frequently Asked Questions

We've collected our most commonly asked questions around our VersaCourt systems. Browse the questions below to see if this question has come up before. If you can't find an answer, please feel encouraged to contact a VersaCourt team member today. 

How do I anchor my court?

We recommend using Tapcon screws to secure a court into place. We provide online instructions the best method of securing a game court to the ground. 

What is the lead time from purchase?

Lead times for a purchase will vary depending on the time of year. We'll usually see an increase in court purchase's between spring through summer. Right now it is 4-6 weeks - this is subject to change so please ask your VersaCourt team member for a  more accurate estimate.

What is the warranty for VersaCourt Game Court Tiles?

If the court tile provided are defective in materials or workmanship, then VersaCourt will replace the defective tile with like product at no cost for the first 5 years, provide a 50% discount off MSRP in years 6-8, and then will provide a 30% discount for life. Visit our warranty page to learn more about the details.

Will you provide a drawing before purchase?

Yes, your VersaCourt team member will provide CAD drawings with measurements and final designs for customer approval. With our Court Tracker, you'll be involved in receiving notification for approval before anything package for shipping. 

CAD Drawing

Can I have samples of VersaCourt tiles?

Yes. You can choose to receive a sample of any one of our tiles. Samples are limited to one tile style (Game, Active, Pro, etc.), per customer. Speak with a VersaCourt team member to arrange your tile sample delivery.

Can I get a custom-sized court?

Yes, VersaCourt can custom size a game court to fit your space. Keep in mind that certain game lines require specific court sizes if you want the official game court dimensions. We also offer DIY game court options in a variety of options to fit small, medium, and large spaces.

Custom Shaped Basketball Court

Do cracks and gaps in the concrete subsurface effect the playability on a VersaCourt game court system?

VersaCourt can be laid over structural cracks no wider than 1/2”. Sharp cracks or bird baths should be faceted or rounded so that ball bounce is consistent, and the tiles don’t catch when the floor expands and contracts. Learn more about subsurface prep.

Installation of VersaCourt over Cracked Concrete

Can I put this over gravel, grass, sand, soil?

VersaCourt game tiles cannot be placed directly on gravel, grass, sand or soil because they will sink into the surface and become uneven, leading to dead spots. However, VersaCourt has created a Foundation Panel to be an alternative to a concrete pad. These panels can be placed directly on compacted gravel to create a stable and even subsurface for the VersaCourt game tiles. Learn more about VersaCourt base options.

Can I place a court indoors?

Yes, VersaCourt game courts are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Depending on the sport you intend to use the flooring system for, you can choose from a variety of tile types – Game, Active, Compete, Boost, and Pro.

Indoor Residential Pro Tile Court

Can the court be placed on clay/har-tru courts?

VersaCourt game court tiles cannot be placed directly on har-tru or clay courts because Har-Tru courts are created with a clay substance and overtime the VersaCourt tile will dig into the surface of the Har-Tru court. The Har-Tru court would need to be removed or could be used as the sub-surface to put a concrete surface on top of the Har-Tru court.

Are there minimum dimensions for a court?

There is no minimum size to how big or small you want your game court. Some games do require specific sizes to be regulation, but if regulation games lines are not a priority you can make your court any size you want. Check out our DIY court kits that feature a variety of game court sizes.

Small DIY Multi-Sport Game Court

Can it withstand cold winters? Heavy Snow?

Yes, VersaCourt game courts can withstand cold winters and heavy snows.

Snow on Court

Do VersaCourt tiles provide noise and echo reduction?

Our Compete tile is designed to reduce noise. Compete tile paired with our 2mm underlayment indoors is designed to reduce echo and noise.

How slick are the tiles when wet?

Any surface, our tiles included, can be slippery when wet. VersaCourt has designed their Game Tiles to mitigate this problem as much as possible. Although we always recommend playing in the sunshine and on dry tiles, the grid system design on our Game Tile allows for quick drainage and airflow so you can get back to the game quickly and safely. 

Can VersaCourt be installed on a wood deck?

We would not recommend placing a VersaCourt game court on a wood deck because the potential for dead spots if or when the wood warps over time due to harsh weather conditions.

Multi-Sport Game Court on Concrete

Does VersaCourt ship internationally?

VersaCourt partners with international distributors all over the world. Fill out a form and note in the comment section of your location. A VersaCourt team member will pass your request along to one of our international partners.

Can a VersaCourt game court be disassembled and moved?

Yes, since a VersaCourt game court is designed as an interlocking tile system they can be disassembled and moved if necessary.

Installation of Court

Does base choice effect ball bounce?

Yes, base choice will affect the ball bounce. VersaCourt recommends installing a completely level and hard surface like concrete or asphalt in order to keep ball bounce consistent. VersaCourt now also offers an alternative base system to concrete – our Foundation Panel.

Subsurface Preperation

Is there a way to lock a VersaCourt game court into place?

Yes – Court Lock locks all the tiles together so someone can’t dissemble the court. Learn more about this anti-theft devices from VersaCourt.

Court Lock

What are the best base options for a VersaCourt?

VersaCourt is a suspended tile court system designed to be assembled on top of a flat, hard subsurface. While many of the courts that we sell will go over existing concrete slabs, driveways or other hard surfaces, many projects require the construction of a court base. VersaCourt recommends 4 primary base options including our proprietary Foundation Panels.

Base Options

What’s the best permeable surface base alternative to a concrete base?

The VersaCourt Foundation Panel is the ideal alternative to installing a concrete or asphalt pad…especially for homeowners and facility operators faced with impervious surface regulations. It is a permeable sub-base that not only allows homeowners to comply with these regulations, but it’s also safer, more durable and more environmentally friendly than concrete or asphalt. Learn more about this “No Concrete Court Base.”

Foundation Panel Court

How much does a court cost?

As with most construction projects, the cost to install a VersaCourt game court can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Visit this page to learn the 9 key elements to estimating the cost to build a VersaCourt.

Can it withstand hot weather? Intense sunlight?

Yes, VC outdoor tiles are made to withstand outdoor conditions including direct sunlight. Our tiles are made with a proprietary blend that helps maintain a cooler surface than concrete.

Court in Desert

Can you drive on any of the Versacourt tile products?

  1. Yes, but only on our outdoor tiles. As long as you drive in a straight line and avoid sharp wheel turns it will be fine. We do not recommend parking on the tiles for long periods of time.
  2. Boost and Active tiles were created to be driven over and even parked on.  It is recommended that you drive in a straight line and avoid sharp turns.

Driveway Court

Can I get replacement tiles in the future?

Replacement tiles can be requested. Simply reach out to our customer service team, dealer, or sales rep. There is an overage calculated for each order to compensate for any replacement tiles. For any additional replacements, simply reach out to our customer service team, dealer, or sales representative.

Can I paint the tiles?

VersaCourt's team of professionals will paint all tiles in a controlled environment with a special commercial paint. We recommend letting us paint any additional graphics you may have requested. You can paint the tile yourself, but we do not recommend it.

Any painting not done by a VersaCourt professional is subject to voiding warranty, please reference warranty guidelines found HERE.

Painting Court Logo