How Much Does It Cost to Put a Game Court in Your Backyard?

Cost of a multi-sport game court can range from $6,200 - $19,000.* As with most construction projects, the cost to build multi-sport game court can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Below are 9 key elements to estimating the cost to build a multi-sport game court in your backyard.

9 Key Factors to Consider

Size of Court

FAQ Multi-Sport Game Court This may seem rather obvious, but the larger your court, the more costs you will incur for excavation, base preparation, court tile and accessories. While budget or space limitations may dictate the size of court you can build, it is important to keep in mind that plastic court tile courts can expand and contract by 2-3 inches and that it is nice for players to have some space beyond the edge of the courts.

Multi-sport game courts can include a variety of game lines including basketball, tennis, volleyball, pickleball, shuffleboard, and more. Visit our Game Lines page for more information on game line options.

A great place to start is deciding whether you want to start with a full regulation size basketball/tennis court or a half court with additional space for games like shuffleboard. A full-size basketball court sizes at 59’5” W x 94’11” L, while a small half-court sizes at 44’3” W x 28’2 L.

Land Preparation: Excavation & Grading

Land Excavation and Grading Estimating the cost for this work will depend significantly on how complex the work is and who will do it.

How Complex is the Work - Building a multi-sport game court requires an extremely flat, hard surface. Depending on your space, making an area flat may be one of your biggest costs as there are many variables:

  • How big is the space that needs to be excavated?
  • Who will do the excavation…you, a VersaCourt dealer, your landscape company, a concrete company?
  • Can the space be easily accessed by equipment?
  • Will any retaining walls need to be constructed?
  • Will any drainage issues need to be addressed?

Who will do the work - VersaCourt customers range from do-it-yourselfers or those who act as their own general contractors to those who prefer to work with a VersaCourt dealer or their own landscape company.

VersaCourt Surfacing & Assembly

FAQ Additional Lines and Logos Determining the costs for the VersaCourt tile surfacing is easy. Simply provide our in-house sales team or dealer with your dimensions or tell us the standard court kit you’d like to use.  VersaCourt multi-sport game courts are different because you need to choose which game lines you'd like painted onto your court.

  • Additional Lines & Logos

For those wanting to add additional lines, VersaCourt offers a number of line options. Our in-house painting and decorating team can even add a logo or other artwork to your court for an additional fee.

  • VersaCourt Tile Assembly

VersaCourt's click-together latching mechanism and innovative production process make the installation of the VersaCourt tile systems one of the easiest aspects to building a backyard multi-sport game court.

All courts are fully assembled in our warehouse and all requested lines and logos are pre-painted by our team of professionals in a controlled environment to ensure accuracy and longevity. We then number each section, disassemble your court and pack the tiles according to your numbered diagram. This process makes your VersaCourt DIY installation a breeze.

Design, Project Management, Construction & Installation

As with any construction project, there are many details involved in designing and building your own multi-sport game court. In general, the more elements of the project that you manage yourself, the less costs you will incur, but the more work you have to do.


FAQ Multi-Sport Game Court Designer Once you know the dimensions of your space, you can use VersaCourt’s Interactive Court Designer or work with one of our dealers or in-house designers to choose your court tile colors, designs, and lines options. There is typically no charge for this service.

Interested in transforming your entire backyard? For an added fee, you can also work with one of our certified landscape architects at Lanmark Designs to integrate your backyard multi-sport game court into a more comprehensive landscape design.

Subsurface: Concrete, Asphalt, or Other

FAQ Concrete Base The ideal base for a VersaCourt multi-sport game court is a 4” thick concrete slab using 3000 PSI concrete and #4 rebar reinforcements. You can learn more about base and sub-surfacing options, but for the purpose of this analysis, we are highlighting the most popular and most highly recommended base. National averages for concrete slabs built to our general specifications typically run $4 to $10 per square foot* but can vary based on the following:

  • Can a pump truck reach the area where the concrete is being poured?
  • Do building codes or the environment require thicker edges, vapor barriers, expanded foam sub-surfacing or the use of wire mesh?

While VersaCourt provides general concrete specifications for each of their court systems, local state and building codes vary and should be taken into consideration when determining the cost of a backyard multi-sport game court base.

Once again, most VersaCourt customers find that their local concrete contractors can provide a bid on this aspect of the project. They can also typically bid on pouring the piers for the goal post, net post sleeves, fencing and lights for multi-sport game court applications.

*This price could vary depending on the specifics of your project. This price does not include site prep.

Multi-Sport Game Court Accessories

FAQ Multi-Sport Game Court Accessories No court is complete without a goal or net system for various games like tennis, basketball, and/or volleyball. Obviously, there are costs associated with the goal as well as its installation. To learn more about the net systems VersaCourt offers, visit the Adjustable Net Systems page.

Other sport accessories include additional game lines, rebounders, lighting, net systems, and more. Learn more about the most common Court Accessories we offer.

The Supplier You Choose

Finally, who you choose to supply your tile, manage your project and do the construction/installation can have a profound impact on its cost.

At VersaCourt, we focus on manufacturing high quality, high performance surfacing in an environmentally friendly manner with the goal of providing our customers with the best value possible.  We don’t inflate our prices based on how long we have been in business or expensive corporate sponsorships that don’t add any value to your court.

So, while we typically offer some of the lowest costs in the industry, we never sacrifice quality, safety or design to provide this value.  Rather, we use innovative designs and highly systematized and automated manufacturing techniques to reduce costs while achieving massive economies of scale due to our family ownership of Swisstrax, IceCourt and CH3 Solutions modular flooring systems.

Plus, unlike some of our competitors, we don’t force you to use a certified dealer that has to pay high franchise fees for the exclusive right to sell to you. Rather we let you choose by providing the information you need to build your own multi-sport game court while also maintaining a nationwide network of experienced dealers that can provide complete turnkey solutions.

Find a VersaCourt dealer in your area or contact us today for a quote.

*Price ranges provided on this page are subject to change based on court size, game lines, and other requested customizations. Price ranges for tiles are averages based on VersaCourt pricing. Excavation, subsurface preparation and concrete pricing are based on national averages and are not included in this price as they can vary region by region. Court price range does not include court accessories, such as net systems and goal posts or shipping costs. Please reach out to our sales team to get a quote on a custom court design for your space.