Goals & Accessories

Whether you are trying to build the backyard basketball court of your dreams or creating a family friendly, multi-sport game court, we have all of the game line options and accessories to make your dream a reality. We can even customize your court with a hand painted logo. Customize your court with our online court design, or work with our VersaCourt team to help you design a new court.

MegaSlam Basketball Goals

VersaCourt is the exclusive partner of MegaSlam Hoops and their multi-tiered line of high-performance residential basketball goal systems. Every MegaSlam goal system is proudly made in the USA, and offers exceptional performance, durability and limited lifetime warranties to match the high-quality construction of your VersaCourt solution.

  1. Choose from two distinct MegaSlam goal systems
  2. Adjustable goal systems featuring: 60” and 72” backboards
  3. Exceptionally durable steel construction

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MegaSlam Basketball Goals
Ball Rebounder

Ball Rebounder Systems

VersaCourt ball rebounder systems are multi-functional training aids for practicing tennis, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, basketball and baseball. The rebounder nets provide a realistic ball response that allows the player time to set up and react to each shot, pass or throw, allowing independent practice to hone and develop skills.

  • Heavy 1.9” O.D. 16 gauge black steel powder coated frame
  • Net is heavy all weather 7/8” sq mesh #420 HTTP
  • Heavy duty long lasting bungee cords
  • 12” bottom skirt (side skirts available upon request)
  • Includes all hardware and fittings

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Court Lighting

Add lighting options to your court so that you can continue to play on after the sun goes down. VersaCourt offers premium, energy efficient, LED lighting systems that are comparable to (if not brighter than) typical 400-watt MH light fixtures.

  • Energy efficient - consumes only 37.5% of the power of similar 400 Watt MH fixtures
  • Slim, compact design
  • Weather, shock and vibration resistant
  • No mercury, UV, IR or other deleterious radiation
  • Long lifespan ~45,000 hours, 1 year warranty

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Court Lighting
Custom Logos

Custom Designs & Logos

VersaCourt’s team of in-house designers and painters can work with you to personalize your new court with a custom painted logo or crest. From basic one-color logos to intricate, multi-colored designs, our capabilities are extensive. Plus, all logos are pre-painted in our warehouse using proven techniques to ensure the highest quality and accuracy.

Common Examples Include:

  • Team names & mascots
  • Family initials
  • Facility names & logos
  • School crests, names & mascots

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Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machines

Designed for and used by top programs, facilities and home users. Dr. Dish's pro lineup is designed to meet the needs of coaches, trainers, and advanced home users. Learn more about choosing the perfect Dr. Dish Shooting Machine.

Explore the Lineup:

  • CT+
  • All-Star+
  • Rebel+
  • Facility
  • Home
  • IC3

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Dr. Dish Shooting Machines
Adjustable Net System for Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis

Adjustable Net Systems

VersaCourt offers a 3-point adjustable net systems that accommodates for tennis, badminton, and volleyball. These nets can be easily raised and lowered and integrate into your court by attaching a standalone post, goal posts, or light posts.

  1. Available in steel and aluminum options.
  2. Two pole system with multiple set-up options to connect with either a basketball hoop pole or light pole.
  3. Available net sizes from 22” to 42”, so that no matter how large your court is, we will have a net to accommodate it.

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Sports Equipment



VersaCourt offers shuffleboard equipment ideal for recreation and resort use. It is suited for schools, churches and hotel use. Strong and flexible blue fiberglass shaft. One piece molded ball style head offers good control for recreational use.



From pickleball paddles to net systems, we offer everything you’ll need to outfit your new VersaCourt pickleball court.

  • Portable Pickleball Net Systems
  • Pickleball Paddles
  • Pickleballs


VersaCourt offers the best hockey goals in the business. These are the most authentic styled, using the most impact resistant steel and finest construction techniques anywhere, in or out of the rink. Regulation size and other features you expect.

Dream Court Designer

Your Court, Your Design

Design Your Own Dream Court

With our interactive court designer, you can create the court of your dreams. Mix & match colors, add game lines and accessorize.

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