Ball Hog Basketball Goals

Superior Performance for Athletes and Driveway Legends

VersaCourt is the exclusive partner of Ball Hog Basketball and their multi-tiered line of high-performance residential basketball goal systems. Ball Hog basketball goals are proudly MADE in the USA, not just assembled in the USA. Each goal is manufactured by skilled American welders to ensure that you and your family will be able to enjoy your new Ball Hog goal system for years to come.

Ball Hog offers a wide selection of residential goal systems to meet your specific needs. From height adjustable goals to wall-mount options, VersaCourt can supply a goal solution which perfectly integrates with your new or existing court system.

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Ball Hog Select Series

Reliability & Easy Installation

54", 60" and 72" Backboards Available

  1. Proven Backboard Stability

    H-Frame design provides improved stability and consistent ball response throughout the entire surface of the backboard.

  2. Specially-Engineered Off-Set Pole

    Outfitted with a specially-engineered, off-set pole for improved counter balance to reduce vibration and goal shake.

  3. Family-Friendly Height Adjustment

    Designed to be kid-friendly, the internal compression mechanism eliminates pinch/grab points and features a height adjustment lock and removable handle for increased player safety.

  4. Innovative Ground Hinge Anchor

    The ground hinge anchor system provides a solid foundation for your goal system, and eliminates the need for ladders or scaffolding during assembly.

Available in In-Ground Adjustable and Wall Mount Options

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Ball Hog Ascent Series

Ultimate Performance

60" and 72" Backboards Available

  1. Innovative ClearView Design

    Using dunk-defying 11-gauge steel framing, the ClearView backboard arms offer enhanced vibration control, side-to-side stability and a clear, unobstructed view.

  2. EZ-Turn Height Adjustment

    Steel-encased and sealed to ensure all internal tooling stays dry, protect and allows for fluid and easy use throughout the life of the goal.

  3. Support Structure-to-Rim Construction

    The heavy-duty flex rim is installed directly to the support structure, transferring all energy to structural steel instead of the backboard.

  4. Structural-Grade Backboard Frame

    Structural-grade aluminum framing is designed to provide unmatched backboard stability and consistent ball response.

Available in In-Ground Adjustable and Fixed-Height Options

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