Active Court Tile

VersaCourt’s Active court tile was designed primarily for use in building courts for driveways or parking areas. The oversized tile measures 15.75” squared and can withstand up to 60,000 pounds of rollover weight. It has also proven very popular due to its unique two-tone, checkerboard appearance and flat surface that make it ideal for outdoor volleyball and many multi-purpose courts.


  • Safe, Shock Absorbing Design
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Attractive, Eye-catching Appearance
  • “Drive-on” Durability
Versacourt Active Tile - stack of sample tiles in yellow, black, red


  • Design
    Precision engineered with an open profile design and ¼” built-in, self-draining channeling system for maximum performance.
  • Size & Weight
    Each tile weighs approximately 1.3 pounds and measures 15.75” x 15.75” with a thickness of 0.63”. The perforations measure 0.13”.
  • UV Stabilization
    UV stabilizers are mixed into the materials and color pigments to make them highly fade resistant and non-slip.
  • Construction
    Made in America using a 4-point injection mold with 24 connectors that yield a consistently flat and functional surface.
  • Heat Resistance
    Commercial-grade, with temperature tolerances of -22°F to 248°F and a fire rating of HB (Horizontal Burn).
  • Warranty
    Backed by our lifetime warranty, ensuring that VersaCourt customers will be provided with court systems that they will be able to enjoy for decades to come.
Active Court Tile in Red
Two-Tone, Checkerboard Look

Checkerboard Look

The unique, cross-directional design of the Active court tile allows you to create striking, eye-catching courts with a two-tone, checkerboard look.

Customizable Logos Lines & More

Customizable Logos
Lines & More

Like all VersaCourt systems, courts made with Active court tile can be decorated with customizable game lines, logos and graphics.

“Drive-on” Durability


Designed and manufactured to withstand up to 60,000 pounds of rollover weight and a compressive strength of 2500 psi.

Basketball Courts

Often specified for basketball courts that will lie on driveways or parking areas, Active court tile combines “drive-on” durability with a unique, eye-catching appearance.

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basketball court application


Active’s flat surface simulates the performance of a traditional volleyball court allowing athletes to slide easily into position or safely dive for those challenging digs.

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tennis court application

Multi-Sport Game Courts

Courts can be decorated with all of our customizable game lines and outfitted with our complete line of accessories to convert virtually any type of court into a multi-sport game court.

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multi-sport court application


While any of our tile systems can be used for shuffleboard courts, Active tile is recommended for courts that will be placed on a driveway or other area subject to vehicles.

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Active Shuffleboard


Active Tile

Color Options

With a wide selection of colors to choose from, the design possibilities are endless. Court tiles, ramps and corner pieces are available in each of the colors below. Custom painted lines and graphics are also available to give your court its own unique aesthetic.

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Emerald Green

Olive Green

Navy Blue

Royal Blue

Bright Red



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