Anchoring Tile to Subsurface

Courts which are smaller in size (typically 30’x30’ or less) and see a lot of activity may be susceptible to shifting. It is generally more noticeable on basketball courts. The tiles tend to shift towards the goal, which is caused by continuously running and stopping toward the goal.

Tools Required

  • Power Drill - Hammer drill preferred, used for drilling the holes in the concrete and installing the concrete screws in place.
  • Concrete screws - Tapcon, 3/16 x 1.75 in. long, countersink head. The box of screws typically comes with the necessary masonry drill bit.


Position the court tiles on the concrete slab so that the court is properly located with respect to the goal and the edges of the court. You will only anchor ONE SIDE of your court (the side OPPOSITE the basketball goal).

court tile positioning


Using a hammer drill, drill a hole within the center (or middle) locking tab, every other tile along only ONE side of you court (side opposite the basketball goal). Transition ramps will cover these screws.

NOTE: Do not secure additional sides of your court without first checking with VersaCourt. We can advise best for your particular application.

drilling hole to anchor court tile


Install the Tapcon anchoring screws. Make sure not to over tighten the screws.

use Tapcon screws to anchor court tile


Install ramps or other tiles.

install ramps along anchored edge of court tile