Concrete Base

Prior to the development of the VersaCourt Foundation Panel - the ideal alternative to building courts without concrete, we typically recommended installing a concrete base for most basketball, volleyball and multi-sport game courts.  The concrete base's performance, durability and longevity make it an ideal base option for most courts, but these bases can also be more expensive and permanent than other options. 

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Concrete Recommendations

Subsurface Preparation Concrete Base

Joint Spacing

Pavement Thickness (Inches)  Max. Joint Spacing (Feet)
3.5" 6'
4" 10'
4.5" 10'
5" 12'
6" 15'
  • 1.Minimum thickness of 4”, a 6”x6” turndown with a #5 continuous rebar may be used where slab will abut walls or other pavements.
  • 2.Reinforcement Options: 6x6 W1.4xW1.4 Welded Wire Fabric placed at 1/3 the depth of the concrete; #5 continuous rebar at perimeter of slab - min. 2” concrete cover for rebar.
  • 3.Medium broom finish.
  • 4.3,000 PSI at 28 days.
  • 5.1/4” tooled radius edge or chamfered edge.
  • 6.Slope: 0.5% Min. / 1% Max.
  • 7.Control joints may be either tooled in “wet” concrete or saw cut within 18 hours of placement.
  • 8.Expansion joints shall be used to separate new concrete whenever it abuts new or existing concrete from curbs, wall and any other rigid pavements/structures.
  • 9.Expansion joints shall be filled with pre-moulded joint filler, min. requirement ASTM D-175.
  • 10.All joints shall be sealed with a sealed with a sealant resistant to both oil and fuel.
  • 11.Subgrade: Min. 6” compacted subgrade 98% of max. density.


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