VersaCourt offers two standard pickleball court kits sizes that are shipped ready-to-assemble on standard concrete pads. You just need to choose the size and the color that works best for you. If the courts pictured below do not fit with your current base pad set up, we also offer custom size options. Work with our in-house design team or use our online court designer tool to create a solution that matches your exact needs.

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Pickleball Kit Layouts

Pickleball Kits

P-1 – 28’2”W x 52’8”L

• Width: 28’2”
• Length: 52’8”
• Sq Ft: 1,483
• Tiles: 2,078
• Ramps: 194

Pickleball Kit 2

P-2 – 31’7” W x 64’6”L

• Width: 31’7”
• Length: 64’6”
• Sq Ft: 2,037
• Tiles: 2,844
• Ramps: 230

DIY Pickleball Court Kit Gallery