Cost of a full court basketball court can range from $10,000-$24,000*

Half-court cost can range between $2,700-8,300*

    • Size

      This may seem rather obvious, but the larger your court, the more costs you will incur for excavation, base preparation and court tile. While budget or space limitations may dictate the size of court you can build, it is important to keep in mind that plastic court tile courts can expand and contract by 2-3 inches and that it is nice for players to have some space beyond the edge of the courts. You will also need room for basketball hoop to be mounted and it is ideal to have some space around the basket so that players doing layups have some room.

    •  Concrete Base or Subsurface

      The ideal base for a VersaCourt basketball court is a 4” thick concrete slab using 3000 PSI concrete and #4 rebar reinforcements. You can learn more about base and subsurfacing options, but for the purpose of this analysis, we are highlighting the most popular and most highly recommended base. Concrete slabs built to our general specifications typically run $4 to $10 per square foot* but can vary based on the following:

      • Are there any grading, excavating or drainage issues that need to be addressed?
      • Can a pump truck reach the area where the concrete is being poured?
      • Do building codes or the environment require thicker edges, vapor barriers, expanded foam subsurfacing or the use of wire mesh?

      While VersaCourt provides general concrete specifications for each of their court systems, local state and building codes vary and should be taken into consideration when determining the cost of a backyard basketball court base.

      Once again, most VersaCourt customers find that their local concrete contractors can provide a bid on this aspect of the project. They can also typically bid on pouring the piers for the goal post, net post sleeves, fencing and lights for multi-sport game court applications.

      *This price could vary depending on the specifics of your project. This price does not include site prep.

    • Basketball Goals and Other Accessories

      No basketball court is complete without at least one basketball goal while full size courts typically utilize two goals. Obviously, there are costs associated with the goal as well as its installation. VersaCourt recommends and supplies MegaSlam basketball goals and can provide installation instructions.

      Other sport accessories include additional game lines, rebounders, lighting, net systems, and more. Learn more about the most common Court Accessories we offer.

    • Excavation & Grading

      Building a basketball court requires an extremely flat, hard surface. Depending on your space, making an area flat may be one of your biggest costs as there are many variables:

      • How big is the space that needs to be excavated?
      • Who will do the excavation…you, a landscape company, a concrete company?
      • Can the space be easily accessed by a skidsteer?
      • Will any retaining walls need to be constructed?
      • Will any drainage issues need to be addressed?

      Most VersaCourt customers find that their local concrete contractors can provide a bid on this aspect of the project for those not wishing to engage in this aspect of the project.

    • VersaCourt Surfacing & Assembly

      Once you get the costs for installing the concrete base, determining the costs for the VersaCourt tile surfacing and its assembly is relatively easy. Simply view our standard court kits or call us for pricing on a custom court size. VersaCourt basketball courts are completely designed, assembled and painted prior to shipment so when you receive your shipment, you basically just need to lay them out on your concrete slab according to the enclosed diagram and click them together.

    • Design, Project Management, Construction & Installation

      As with any construction project, there are many details involved in designing and building your own basketball court. In general, the more elements of the project that you manage yourself, the less costs you will incur, but the more work you have to do. Our goal at VersaCourt is to make the process as easy as possible for you regardless of your level of involvement. We strive to provide all of the information that you need to build your own basketball court, but we also have a nationwide network of experienced dealers that provide complete turnkey solutions. Find a certified builder in your area.

*Price ranges provided on this page are subject to change based on court size, game lines, and other requested customizations. Price ranges for tiles are averages based on VersaCourt pricing. Excavation, subsurface preparation and concrete pricing are based on national averages. Court price range does not include court accessories, such as net systems and goal posts or shipping costs. Please reach out to our sales team to get a quote on a custom court design for your space.