Basketball Court Dimensions For Backyard Installations

Backyard basketball courts are typically influenced heavily by space availability and budget restrictions, but many people like to incorporate many of the standard basketball court dimensions into their designs. Below we provide some of the most critical information related and links to basketball court diagrams showing exact dimensions for different basketball courts used in the NBA, NCAA, and in high school.

Regulation NBA Court Dimensions

  • 94' Long x 60' Wide
  • The 3 point arc is 23'9" (the straight part extends out 16 feet 9 inches from the baseline before the arc begins)

View NBA Diagram

Official NCAA College Basketball Court Dimensions

  • 94' Long x 50' Wide
  • The 3 point arc is 20'9" (the straight part extends 63" out from the baseline before the arc begins)

View NCAA Diagram

High School Basketball Court Dimensions

  • 84' x 50'
  • The 3 point arc is 19'9" (the straight part extends 63" out from the baseline before the arc begins)

View High School Diagram

Diagram showing basketball court dimensions high school, NCAA, and NBA courts
backyard basketball court

Other Dimensions & Game Lines

  • The free throw line on a basketball court is always 15’ from the line to the backboard
  • The distance from the ground to the basketball goal rim is 10’
  • The key is 12’ wide (the width of the free throw line) for most courts and 16’ from NBA
  • The basketball backboard should extend 4’ over the baseline
  • The 12’ wide free throw line forms the center of a circle with a 6’ radius
  • The basketball backboard is 72” x 42” and has an 18” diameter rim

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