Concrete Alternatives: Can You Install Basketball Court Tiles Over Grass?

Creating a DIY basketball court in your backyard is a fantastic idea, and it's easier than you might think. Whether you're an avid basketball player or just looking to looking to install a DIY small backyard basketball court on your property, laying basketball court tiles over grass can be a viable option. But the question is, should you?

natural grass surface

The Challenge: Grass as the Subsurface

Traditionally, basketball courts are constructed on concrete or asphalt surfaces. However, not everyone has the luxury of such a base in their backyard. If your yard has a natural grass surface, you might wonder if it's possible to convert it into a basketball court without the extensive and costly process of breaking up the grass and pouring concrete. The good news is that it is indeed possible, thanks to modern solutions like VersaCourt Versabase tiles.

permeable versabase tile

Permeable and Drainage-Friendly

One of the primary concerns when installing a basketball court over grass is drainage. Rainwater and other liquids can accumulate, leading to muddy and slippery conditions. Versabase tiles address this issue with their permeable design. These tiles feature an open-grid surface that allows water to pass through, ensuring excellent drainage. This design keeps your court dry, safe, and ready for play, even after heavy rain. And will also allow you to avoid any local regulation restrictions on non-permeable base systems like concrete.

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Versabase: An Innovative Alternative to Concrete

Coming Soon badgeTraditionally, constructing a basketball court involved the labor-intensive process of creating a concrete or asphalt foundation. This not only requires significant time and effort but also comes with a substantial cost. Versabase tiles have revolutionized this aspect of building a backyard basketball court and, for that matter, a multi-sport game court.

Versabase acts as an alternative to a concrete or asphalt base that be used for basketball, volleyball, cornhole and more. It is designed to be placed on a compacted stone gravel surface, making it a much more cost-effective and DIY-friendly option. With Versabase, you can save both time and money, as well as avoid the hassle of working with concrete.

The Benefits of VersaCourt VersaBase

**Versabase is not available for purchase yet. This tile will be released later this year.**

Easy Installation

VersaCourt game court tiles are designed for easy DIY installation. They interlock seamlessly, creating a smooth and professional-looking court without the need for specialized equipment or skills.

VersaBase Easy Installation

Low Maintenance

These tiles require minimal maintenance, allowing you to focus on enjoying the game rather than constantly tending to your court.

VersaBase Low Maintenance


VersaCourt offers a wide range of colors and designs, allowing you to customize your basketball court to match your style and preferences. 

VersaBase Customization


VersaCourt game court tiles are built to last, offering excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear.

VersaBase Customization

Safe and Comfortable

The shock-absorbing properties of these tiles reduce the risk of injuries, providing a safer playing surface for all ages.

VersaBase Customization

So, can you lay basketball court tiles over grass?

The answer is yes, thanks to innovative solutions like Versabase and proper preparation (Court Consultants can answer unique questions for your project at any time — please feel free to contact us). These products allow you to transform your backyard into a basketball haven without the need for concrete or asphalt foundations – saving you time, labor and money in summary.

With permeable, drainage-friendly tiles and an easy DIY installation process, you can enjoy countless hours of active and outdoor fun on a surface that's safe, attractive, and built to last. Make your dream DIY basketball court a reality, get started with our interactive court designer.

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