Las Vegas Raider Maxx Crosby Customized Basketball Court

Meet Maxx Crosby, the powerhouse defensive end dominating the gridiron for the Las Vegas Raiders in the NFL. Beyond his formidable presence on the field, Crosby's passion for sports extends far beyond football. Embracing the thrill of competition, he's also a fervent basketball enthusiast. When it came to enhancing his backyard court, Crosby turned to VersaCourt to elevate his game to new heights.

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VersaCourt team installing court tiles in the Maxx Crosby's backyard

Strong, Durable Basketball Court

The half-court basketball court was designed to fit the unique space Crosby had available on his property. VersaCourt's signature Game Outdoor tile was chosen to provide the ultimate athletic surfacing - durable, strong, vertical flex to protect athlete joints, good traction, and long-lasting.

Maxx Crosby's logo on VersaCourt tiles

Customized Logo Artwork

As a member of the Las Vegas Raiders, Crosby chose the Raiders team colors for his backyard basketball court and added his personal brand logo. The VersaCourt team hand-paints game lines, logos and various artwork, offering a customized and personal finish.

RG team member securing backyard court tiles together

Easy Installation

VersaCourt game courts are designed for easy DIY installation, however we have a nationwide network of authorized Dealers who will help with the design, ordering, space preparation and installation of your new game court. Whether you're a self-proclaimed DIYer or prefer an all-inclusive service, VersaCourt has got you covered.

"I want the best of the best of whatever I do. If I want something, I want it done right. Having it 100% professional and done the right way. I feel like it checked every box. I'm first about it."

- Maxx Crosby, Las Vegas Raiders Defensive End