VersaBase Tile

The No-Concrete Court Solution

This is an all-in-one foundation and court surface solution. Primarily, it is an alternative solution to concrete, asphalt, or other complicated subsurface options for your court. Engineered with PlayRight™ Technology, this integrated court panel is comfortable to play on. It is easy to install, durable and features a permeable design.

  • Permeable Design
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Concrete Alternative
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  • Maximum Drainage
    Permeable design allows for moisture to drain, meeting most county codes of ordinance. 
  • Economical Choice
    Most cost-effective option compared to pouring concrete or asphalt.
  • Maximum Ball Bounce
    Designed with PlayRight™ technology for a consistent ball bounce
  • Warranty
    Backed by our lifetime warranty, ensuring that VersaCourt customers will be provided with court systems that they will be able to enjoy for decades to come.
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Our VersaBase tile incorporates a special blend of materials that differentiates it from other tile systems on the market. The VersaBase all-in-one court solution leverages a unique resin blend to ensure an exceptional bounce for your backyard basketball, volleyball, shuffleboard or multi-sport game court.

By leveraging real customer feedback we crafted this recreational tile with real players and their backyard courts in mind. While not intended for professional use, our PlayRight™ Technology creates a comfortable playing surface with a responsive ball bounce. See for yourself when you compare the bounce of our VersaBase tile to a standard concrete driveway.

Custom Logo on VersaBase

Customizable Logos, Designs and More

Work with the VersaCourt team to add your own custom logos, artwork or additional game lines. 

All-In-One Court Solution

All-In-One Court Solution

As an alternative solution to concrete and asphalt, VersaBase is an all-in-one foundation and court surface solution.

Open Grid Design

Permeable Design

Our durable design maximizes drainage that will meet most county codes of ordinance. The unique design features a .875" channeling system on the underside of the tile.

Basketball Courts

Often specified for basketball courts that will lie on driveways or parking areas, Active court tile combines “drive-on” durability with a unique, eye-catching appearance.

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VersaBase Basketball Application

Multi-Sport Game Courts

Courts can be decorated with all of our customizable game lines and outfitted with our complete line of accessories to convert virtually any type of court into a multi-sport game court.

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VersaBase MultiSport Game Court Application


Practice the perfect volley with your own backyard volleyball court. More and more people have asked us to integrate various game lines into our multi-sport game courts or create colorful courts for their own backyards.

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VersaBase Volleyball


VersaBase Flooring

Concrete Alternatives: Can You Install Basketball Court Tiles Over Grass?

Creating a DIY basketball court in your backyard is a fantastic idea, and it's easier than you might think. Whether you're an avid basketball player or just looking to looking to install a DIY small backyard basketball court on your property, laying basketball court tiles over grass can be a viable option. But the question is, should you?

VersaBase Tile

Color Options

With a wide selection of colors to choose from, the design possibilities are endless. Court tiles, ramps and corner pieces are available in each of the colors below. Custom painted lines and graphics are also available to give your court its own unique aesthetic.

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Emerald Green

Olive Green

Navy Blue

Royal Blue

Bright Red



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