VersaCourt Launches New Green Initiatives with Energy Efficient, Fully Electric, Injection Molding Presses

In an effort to become a more environmentally conscience company, VersaCourt, a leading manufacturer and installer of innovative modular court solutions, is pleased to announce the installation of two cutting-edge, low energy, fully electric presses in their 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Dalton, Georgia.

The newly installed presses are an expansion of VersaCourt’s eco-friendly initiative to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by decreasing power consumption, producing less waste heat, and cutting down on the need for fossil fuels in the manufacturing process.

VersaCourt’s state-of-the-art electric injection molding presses will help reduce overall power consumption during the manufacturing process by up to 70% - compared with previous hydraulic powered presses. As electric presses consume far less energy, they also generate less waste heat during operation. Reduced waste heat from manufacturing allows VersaCourt to use fewer powered cooling towers, which results in less heat being released into the atmosphere. In addition, the new injection molding presses do not require the use of hydraulic fluid, which results in a drastic reduction of the overall use of fossil fuels during production.  

“We chose to go with all-electric presses for VersaCourt, not only for their high efficiency and environmental benefits, but we also feel that the machines that produce our court tiles should be as innovative and impressive as the court tile itself,” said Warren Lusk, Vice President of Operations. 

Versacourt employs an advanced, centralized green manufacturing process that improves quality, lowers costs and streamlines production. These progressive, fully electric presses increase productivity 33% more than frequently used hydraulic presses. With increased production, reduced manufacturing noise and improved accuracy, VersaCourt produces the highest-quality tile available in the market.

“It is of upmost importance to manufacture an excellent court tile product for our customers, but we also value the quality and protection of our environment. With the addition of our new energy efficient electric presses, we are confident we will deliver on both these initiatives.” said Ron Bennett, President.

“Staying on the leading edge of manufacturing will always be an ambition at VersaCourt. These state-of-the-art injection presses are an important step in increasing our productivity and quality, while systematically reducing power consumption, heat, waste and noise. We are pleased with the positive changes these machines are bringing to our manufacturing process and we will continue to look for opportunities for improvement that will positively impact our environment and company,” said Lusk.

About VersaCourt 

Derived from the words “Versatile” and “Court,” VersaCourt systems have lived up to their name. The dynamic and colorful appearance combine with its inherent safety, maintenance and performance characteristics to make VersaCourt an obvious choice for all types of sports surfacing.

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